June Fishing Seems Clear

Early runoff shaping up

Yellowstone Lake is seeing overnight lows above freezing and is now showing a little increase in outflow. With the lake beginning to move and big surges from the Lamar River, combined with a rainy week that will further cut out snow we're seeing a formula which seems to indicate we've entered into spring runoff on the 'Stone.  The Lamar River hit a record high yesterday, will today and is likely to do so for the next couple days.

Annual River Cleanup April 23rd

Mark your calendar, the annual Yellowstone River cleanup has been set for Saturday April 21st. Grab a friend or family member to come out and comb the river for all sorts of odd items that don't belong there. Good food and cammaraderie round out a morning of just a couple hours that do the river a world of good.

Kick off at 9:30AM

New Base Location "Livingston Civic Center"


Spring Storms Pump Up Snowpack

Hooray for Spring! While we always like to see these numbers continue to trend upward, the first week of spring did well bringing in much needed snowfall and ground soaking rains that have bolstered snowpack figures around the state. Most basins have climbed back into or above the 100% of normal range for their annual snow to water level equivalents . The upper Yellowstone basin is currently at 93% of normal having spent most of March closer to the eighty-sixth percentile.

Blue Wings Break Out, Streamer Bite Strong

The blue-wings broke out in pretty good numbers yesterday, with some bwo's and march browns also seen well below Livingston. The streamer bite remains fairly hot. The river below town is taking on a little more color late in the day while the valley remains mostly "good-green" throughout, a little more clear in spots. Water temps are varying widely depending on where you are but are edging up closer to the mid 40's the second half of the day from Emigrant down to Livingston, a bit warmer the further down you head.


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