Sharing "The Montana Story: Forty Years of Success"

For many years now thousands upon thousands of anglers come to Montana annually for the abundance of world class fishing opportunities to be explored.  Many visitors however, and a few locals, are not aware that Montana fish populations are not stocked, but are in fact self-sustaining, in rivers that support wild populations. The self-sustaining approach wasn't always the policy in place. In Montanas earlier history, and like many states across the country at the time Montana was pumping millions of dollars into the stocking of fisheries statewide. Thanks to the insight of individuals such as Richard Vincent who led the charge, and those who have followed in his footsteps we have seen our fisheries flourish to produce numbers well beyond the stocking days. We'd be remiss to not link and share this video from the Wild Fish Conservancy and their look back on the ground breaking research Richard Vincent conducted that lead to rethinking of fisheries management everywhere.


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